My name is Unique, and my passion is art. My art is my way expressing
myself and also seeing the world in another person's perspective. Have you
ever heard of a person who was just born to do one thing? Well that's not me. I'll tell you why.

         When I was young I wanted to be a lot of things. Like most young girls I wanted to be a singer/songwriter. I also had the talent for it. Writing was easy, I knew the words, I felt the meanings. As a kid I was praised for having a beautiful singing voice, landing me in church choirs and school talent shows. It was a while before any one even knew I could draw. A lot of times poetry was the outlet. I kept a composition notebook filled with doodles and poems. In total I may have had 4 books, all tossed away and lost. Friends of mine would see my doodles and ask for sharpie tats.

           I was 11 years old when a teacher asked me to paint Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , and when they saw the result I was added into a gifted arts class. At 14, my Grandmaw enrolled me into Priestly Charter High School of Architecture and Construction. It was an amazing school filled with talented kids; some made music, some danced, some made art, some even built houses. It didn't take very long to see potential in myself, but just as life is unsure, I had to face some obstacles along the way to achieving success.

     One of those obstacles was becoming a teen mom, at the age of 17, I had to drop out of school and care for my daughter. It was hard to sit and think of how to grab control of my life with everyone telling me I was a failure. Some even went as far as to say I was a waste of talent. I started working on bourbon street as Bartender and things got worse. Fighting over custody and fighting to survive at the ripe age of 18. I was so lost. I was broken and misunderstood. I knew who I wanted to be, I knew what I wanted out of life, but it wasn't happening for me. No one would support my dream. Everyone had gave up on me entirely. 

      That wasn't the end for me, my story was still and is still being written. After forming a 5 year plan and sticking to my dream despite the lack of support from my peers, I seized every opportunity to be my creative self. It became a goal instead of a dream. At times I wonder if that change in thinking is what changed my path in life

      Now at the age of 24,  having children and a husband of my own, along with other influences, that inspire me to create, to provide, and to give. My style of painting reflects who I am at my core. It is Unique. It is Bold. It is Daring. It is Multifaceted. From painting to tattooing, from murals to logos, and back to Portraits and Album art.

      My whole life has been diverse and I don't believe in sticking to one thing. I pride myself in being humble, as contrary as it sounds, I know where I come from and I would never change one minute of it. All my ups and down show beautifully on canvas. When every word fails to express the Goddess within I know my paintbrush will bleed it out for me. In a world full of pain and deceiving, sometimes you can't just say it.  You have to show it!

                                                      Unique P.